Server-side Dart


Laska is under active development and is not supposed to be used in production. API may change dramatically in future versions.


It’s not a secret that Dart’s popularity comes from the Flutter framework and its acceptance by the community. I love Flutter as well, but what I miss is server-side. How cool it could be to be a full-stack developer by using only Dart language?

What's new in Norka 1.0

Nearly two years ago, Norka was born, a note-taking application made specifically for elementary OS and also distributed via Flathub. This version was far from version 1.0, its functionality was limited only to essential things: editing, searching, autosaving. Later, it introduced document search, export to various formats, spell checking, convenient keyboard shortcuts for editing, the ability to preview documents in HTML and statistics, etc. This was enough to start, but there was room for improvement.

Elementary Os Contractor in Action

How to use elementary OS Contractor to simplify your daily routines.

How to use WebSockets with Python and GTK+

Hey there! I’m here to present you an amazing trip to the native apps with WebSockets!