Server microframework for the Dart language

Laska is a server-side microframework for Dart. Currently, in development, not for production use.


  • Dynamic routing with placeholders and wildcards
  • Concurrency via Isolates
  • Extensible Middleware support
  • Template rendering
  • Logging

How to use it

import 'dart:io';

import 'package:laska/laska.dart';

void main() async {
  // Create new Laska object with 2 [Isolate]
  final laska = Laska(isolateCount: 2);

  // Set global BasicAuth middleware 
  laska.Use(BasicAuth('laska', 'ermine', realm: 'Access to private zone'));

  laska.GET('/users/:userId', getUserById);
  laska.POST('/users/', createUser);

  // Start server
  await run(laska);

void getUserById(Context context) async {
  await context.HTML('User: <b>${context.params['userId']}</b>');

void createUser(Context context) async {
  await context.JSON({'status': 'created'}, statusCode: HttpStatus.created);